Pentax K-S1 Body and Lens Kit w/16GB FLU SD Card

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Pentax K-S1 Body and Lens Kit w/16GB FLU SD Card
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This looks like a good started DSLR at a good price. Five stars with three ratings at Amazon.

Digital Photography Review seemed a bit baffled by it back in 2014, but were mostly favorable towards it.

They found the combined mode dial on the back to be a bit confusing, and the metal selection dial on top to be a bit too stiff, but were quite pleased with its specs and performance (they did find it a bit overpriced compared to other entry-level Pentax DSLR options available at the time, but that’s kind of moot given that it’s now 2017 and it obviously doesn’t cost $750 any more).

I’ll say this much: If I didn’t already own a venerable Pentax K-2000, I would be all over this in a flash.

Another interesting feature: When combined with the hot shoe mounted Pentax O-GPS1, the K-S1 can use its internal shake-reduction system to move the optical system gradually during long nighttime exposures so as to avoid star trails. Here are some sample pics taken with a different Pentax body that has this feature.

Obviously, this requires a steady tripod mount and a remote shutter release of some kind to work properly.

Might be a good DSLR companion to my old film K-1000. Interchangeable lenses!

Seriously though, what’s with the candy-apple colors?

Yeah, I got a body-only K-2000 a few years ago and used it with my tons of old manual K-mount lenses for ages before even breaking down and getting a newer K-FA2 lens. Had to sacrifice little bits of functionality with the older manual lenses, but, you know, I already had them, at least. Waste not want not.

Not just that: It has glowing LEDs in the handgrip just because.

I’m done with Pentax. I have a useless K-500 that has an aperture problem and it cost 175 to fix. Out of warranty and I am not the only one with this problem. Should have been a recall.

Stick to Nikon or Canon, my mistake.

Insanely good deal for this. Very tempting.

Hi Folks,
I am waaay less than a phot novice and have a Canon T3i that I only use auto on. Been thinking about a more complex camera and taking some courses to learn specifics. I was thinking about a T6 or T6i but would this be a better alternative maybe. And since several have remarked that it is a great deal what would this cost at the best or most reasonable (cheapest) wholesale outlet. Thanks for any help !


The crazy colors are a Japanese market thing. You should see some of the stuff they cranked out in the (smaller, mirrorless) Q line.

As for the reliability…there’s a part called the Aperture Control Block that can fail after a couple of years. This problem has been reported in all of Pentax’ consumer-level DSLRs from K-30 to the K-S2. It doesn’t happen to all cameras, so Ricoh/Pentax has been ducking the problem.

I have enough $$ sunk in Pentax lenses that I upgraded to the K-3ii when my K-30 failed. But even though this is a fantastic deal for a camera with these specs, I can’t recommend it.

PCMag Review:
But there are a few real issues that keep the K-S1 from getting top marks. Its 11-point autofocus system isn’t quite as robust as other cameras that cost this much, and its video functionality is just plain disappointing. For a camera that has a bold design that’s aimed to grab the attention of the younger smartphone generation, the lack of a touch screen and Wi-Fi is head-scratching. The Nikon D5300 doesn’t support touch input, but it does have a vari-angle display, integrated Wi-Fi, better video capability, and a 39-point AF system that allows you to select a focus point with a bit more precision. It remains our Editors’ Choice for D-SLRs priced under $1,000. If you’re invested in the Pentax lens system, the K-50 is a better value, especially when you take its weather-sealed design and lower price point into account, and the K-3 is a great choice if you’re in need of a camera with a more serious autofocus system.

Please note that Ricoh bought Pentax. This is not the same company it used to be.

I bought a refurb fixed lens mirrorless “Pentax” here (“bridge camera”) and it works well.

But it’s basically a good Ricoh.

nic walker.
If you are going to take a photo course, buy a Nikon or Canon, because that is what they will teach on and what most of the other students will have. Your T3i is sufficient for a course.

So long as your T3i battery has life, I would recommend using it in the manual modes to learn. Once you get more comfortable with how and what you like to shoot you can make a more informed decision as to stick with Canon or move to Nikon, Sony, Pentax or other. I’ve got a Canon T5i, but my next camera will likely be a “mirrorless” model.

Basically, their are two things that make a proper exposure: time that the shutter is open (Tv or Time) and how wide open the lens is (Aperature). A lower number on the aperature means the lens is open wider. This allows for faster shutter speeds, and also makes for a more shallow “depth of field” for focus. Rather than trying to explain what that means I’d recommend turning your dial to Av (Aperature priority) and playing around. Film is free nowadays!

Have fun, it is really a great time to be a hobbyist photographer and I’d recommend this Pentax to anyone at this price point trying to get their feet wet and learn.

So…novice here. Not totally unfamiliar with photography, but casual at best. Back in the day never went beyond by Canon AE-1 Program. Which is mint and I still have. Did have a nice little black and white darkroom though. Digital never went beyond my present day Panasonic DMC-FZ5. Wondering if this a nice upgrade for me on playing around with outdoor nature / flower / bird (not in flight) shots. And sounds like maybe night sky shots are possible?

This camera is an amazing deal if you care about the FLU card, valued at $100 on amazon. The camera itself is a good dSLR for anyone wanting to get started - it’s smaller than the typical dSLR and the fun colors make it fun to take outside and shot off (if you care about that). Spec-wise, it’s on par with any camera in the $200-300 range (not many!).

Even though I have the K5 S2, the weather proof, mid tier offering from Pentax, I’m considering this camera for the FLU card and a backup dSLR to replace an older K-X, esp for the price!

I had the same problem with my K-30. I contacted Pentax, and after a lot of back-and-forth, I got them to cover half the repair cost. Basically I argued (in the nicest way possible), that it’s a documented problem and they should cover the repair. I made a comment that I read all these stories on forums from Nikon owners who had problems and how Nikon went out of their way to make things right, and I was hoping to have a similar positive story about Pentax to share. That was the grease that got them to pay half the repairs.

Also, Pentax doesn’t have any more or less issues than Canon or Nikon. There are horror stories about all camera manufacturers. Pentax does have a problem with the aperture control block in some cameras. However, their repair prices are already SIGNIFICANTLY lower than Canon or Nikon.

Also, if you’re wanting a cheap, no-hassle repair, there’s a guy in California that has a fix for the aperture control block issue, and it costs $100, including shipping back to you. It’s a modification to existing parts, instead of replacement, and you don’t get the full cleaning and adjustment that the Pentax repair gets you. (That alone is worth a fair bit of change, if you ask me).


Am I the only person that thinks a touch screen on a camera is a horrible idea? My face presses up against that screen when I’m taking photos. And a touch-interface really is horrible. Imprecise, slow, and clunky. WiFi would be nice I suppose, but it’s a farkle. This is a good camera, at a good price, and I don’t need farkles on top of that.