Pentax K-S1 Body and Lens Kit w/16GB FLU SD Card

The price is on par with a decent consumer grade lens; you’re not out that much relatively speaking if you hate it!

I switched to a Sony Nex, which is mirrorless with the same size sensor as a DSLR. Size is pocketable and the picks are great.
The guy in Cali for $100 never did a K-500, so I don’t think that’s an option.
The lens on this Woot deal is the same zoom on my K-500. Very versatile lens, but could be faster. This a very good deal. Read the reviews at photographyblog and dpreview.

Good point. And less than a bottle of wine :wink:
So a blue one? Thinking pink not for me…

Hi Nic, although I think this is a great deal, I don’t think you’d find it a major upgrade from the Rebel… It’s more of a sideways move. I don’t know about wholesale, but I see this listed generally around $350US new. Hope that helps.

And that is without the FLU card, which is has an MSRP of $99 and is being sold in the market at $50.

Well, I ultimately couldn’t pass this up. I just wish there had still been blue ones in stock when I pulled the trigger just now. :frowning:

Camel shows Amazon sold it new for $253 last August.

Learning via manual exposure is good…and keep in mind the influence of auto ISO in other modes.

I had a person buy a DSLR on Monday, come to me for one hour of tutoring on Tuesday and were going to shoot a wedding on Saturday.

When I told them it wasn’t a good idea,they said, “It doesn’t matter, the marriage isn’t going to last anyway!”

got a link? cheapest I see on Camel for new-sold-by-Amazon is $274, and that is for a body only, no lens nor FLU card.

Received mine in ONE DAY!! But the rear LCD of the camera doesn’t work. Contacted WOOT customer service, awaiting a reply.

Received mine today. Took a few quick shots in the backyard, so far, so good. Takes great pictures in all different lighting conditions. Menus are intuitive, but can be difficult to located the menu option you are looking for. Looking for a holster style case for travel, narrowed down to Case Logic DCB 306 or Ape APCPRO600. Leaning toward the Ape brand, it is a little smaller and has a rain hood. Case Logic is $14.80 and Ape is $16.48 on Amazon

Ended up with a Timbuk2 insert, designed to hold camera but to be inserted into a backpack or messenger bag.

How did you make out with Woot customer service? Always have the option of sending it to Pentax for repair.

got mine today as well. plugged the battery in earlier today, and just noticed it was charged, so I tried out the flucard connectivity. it works, though having to use a browser instead of an app on my phone means having to turn off my cellular data connection.

Anyone purchased a case of any type for this camera?

Hi Folks ! And Wow !!! Sincere thanks for All of the thoughtful and most helpful replies. This is the kindness and best help I think that I have received from any site for any issue…Again Thanks :). I will post this on the Woot Off page as well, Nic Walker…

I actually had the issue in my K500 last June and got it fixed. It was something discussed in the Pentax forums. It affected two other models as well, the K50 (which is the same camera as the K500 with the addition of weather sealing) and one other model I can’t think of off hand. Not other Pentax model was affected by this issue. I got mine repaired in the Northeast somewhere for $168 including shipping. I figured it was cheaper to repair and maybe get another body rather than have to replace all the lenses I have by switching to another brand. And like those silly TV commercials for cell services, there’s not much difference between the major manufacturers, more loyalty and preference than anything technological. Since I was going to need my camera while it was being repaired I took the opportunity to purchase another body, the newly introduced K70 that is awesome. When the K500 returned I put an M42 to K-mount adapter and am using it with about 8 screw mount prime lenses I have acquired and love it. I also updated the K500’s focusing screen to an old style split screen focusing screen to aid with the manual focusing and wind up reaching for the K500 more often than the K70 in spite of the K70’s superior features. I just have too many K-mount lenses dating back to 1986 that I just can’t justify getting rid of. Image stabilization built into the Pentax DSLR bodies enable all those old screw mount lenses to take advantage of this technology that didn’t exist when these lenses were constructed. There are also a host of old Soviet built screw mount lenses patterned after Carl Zeiss lenses that are awesome. So recently my wife has taken a strong interest in photography so I got her one of these Strawberry cake cameras as this price point can’t be beat for a new, not refurbished, camera.

Actually there is another setting that affects exposure and that is ISO. In the film days your ISO was tied to the film loaded in the camera. Today this is a variable setting for each picture you take. Not being familiar with Canon menus, my Pentax allows me to either select a fixed ISO setting or a range, like 200 through 25600. With the advanced noise suppression circuitry built in to the camera, much of the graininess is reduced if not eliminated in most pictures.