Pentax K-x 12.4 MP Digital SLR with Dual Lens Kit (18-55 & 55-300)



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how do these compare to say, a Rebel XSi?


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FAIL. Don’t buy it.


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Slightly cheaper than a new one on amazon

Plus the extra lense, but not a great deal.


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So anyone know what the difference would be between this camera and a 10 MP Kodak? Besides about $400.


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Please sir, can I have another chance at a breadbox of carnations?


'Nuther camera? Don’t most of us just use our android phones at this point? It’s getting to the point that I don’t even need to carry a purse any more, let alone a bulky camera.

Having said that…I did buy a Pentax from w00t earlier this year. The kid I bought it for loves it and she takes amazing pictures with it.


Any photographers have an opinion on these? I want to get a DSLR, and I’d like to do some surf photography. Will the faster frame rate on these do me any good, or should I go with a new D3100 or used D5000 for around the same price?


I own a K-x, and am extremely satisfied with the quality of the photos, the number of shooting options available, and the build and durability of the camera and the kit lenses. I do not shoot video, can’t comment on that, and I know that the large market share for Canon and Nikon make after-market accessories and lenses easier to find. Still, this is a very solid dSLR.


Holy expensive camera, Batman!!!


The real value in Pentax DSLRs is that you can use old glass (lenses). Basically any of their lenses from the 1970’s and newer will fit and work with this camera. The K-X is considered an excellent value and great entry level DSLR; however, I don’t think this price is an amazing deal on this camera and kit. It’s a very good deal, but not great.


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