Pentax K-x 12.4MP Digital SLR with Lens Kit (18-55)



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Pentax K-x 12.4MP Digital SLR with Lens Kit (18-55)
$449.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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never heard of this brand before. Price is decent.


Great Camara! 5 Stars!


For that price, at w00t, you’d almost have to expect a Leica.


Pentax isnt the best, but ok


Would this fit comfortably in my back pocket? I need a camera to take hidden photos.


I learned photography on an older, fully manual, Pentax and loved it. Heard nothing but good stuff about the new digital slr’s they’re putting out.


Primo. get one while/if you can.


You are joking I hope. Pentax has been around as long as Nikon.


This camera is a beast.
You should definitely order it right now.


Someone at w00t could probably be celebrating that I hit my 10,000th post, finally. I’ve been here, and vocal, for quite some time, huh?


According to Popular Photography this is one of the best cameras for entry level DSLR when considering price to quality ratio. I tend to agree. This is a decent price, however you can find kits on amazon which include a second lens for less than a hundred dollars more.


Pentax was founded in 1919 and Nikon in 1917. You know you’re Japanese companies…


Pentax 1919
Nikon 1917


" Quality posts: 9 " is that the normal ratio?


Holy crap, is this a GREAT deal on a GREAT camera. I just spent in the mid-to-upper-$300s for a USED Pentax K-200d BODY (no lens, just the body), so I could have a second DSLR to use with my army of old Pentax K-mount manual lenses. Obviously, if I had known that THIS was coming, I would have waited.

(That said, I love my K-200d so far)



Hehe. That was mean. :slight_smile: