Pentax K-x Digital SLR with 18-55mm Kit Lens

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Pentax K-x Digital SLR with 18-55mm Kit Lens
$459.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I figured the olive ones would sell out first!

Can see the item in community but main page still showing Shirt detour???

I always want to pull the trigger on this but never do, I loved my old k1000, and have lots of lenses, but the extra features don’t work on it… I’m torn

Nevermind the gods fixed it.

This is a great beginner dslr.

I once lost a red one in a sushi restaurant. The next week the place was being run by a giant red mecha. Coincidence?

Bah…wish I had $. Oh, and a better color would be nice. What happens when that red starts to rub off?

This is a very good entry-level camera. It’s got great high-ISO performance and is relatively small for an SLR. Soccer moms and photography students will particularly appreciate its capabilities.

Perfect for someone who doesn’t want a black or silver digital SLR.

Showing my ignorance here. What’s a kit lens? I suppose that it I had a need for this camera, I would know.

Is it waterproof ???

I’ll bet Nebraska lights up pretty bright on the Woot map. Maybe Kansas City, too, with all the Chiefs fans. Cardinals, etc, fans also take note.

Sigh. Woot-off over for me. Was hoping for something I actually needed/wanted before I got off work.

Well you guys were tired of the shirts right?

It’s not painted, the color is in the plastic itself. It won’t rub off, though I suppose it might fade if you leave it in the sun all the time for a year…

Something about $459 doesn’t say ‘Entry Level’ to me.

Picked up one last time and it’s great. Using Tenergy 2600mA rechargables and they work fine.

In-depth review from my favorite camera site. And by “in-depth,” I mean 8 tabs/pages and over 100 sample images.