Pentax K100D 6.1MP Digital SLR Body

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Refurbished Pentax K100D 6.1MP Digital SLR Body, for $239.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Pentax K100D 6.1MP Digital SLR

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too pricy for me. i wish i was artsy fartsy to own one though

Have one. Great camera. IS works well.

thx but no thanks, maybe if it was a nikon…

Wow a camera you cannot take pictures with, unless you have a spare lens that fits. Sweet.

no stock lens for an offbrand SLR?
I want the Arc of the Covenant from

Great camera! Have one myself. A 6.1 megapixel sensor is more than enough (per David Pogue) and this camera has Pentax’ legendary backward compatible Pentax K lens mount, anti-shake in the body (good for at least 3 stops and I’ve been able to handhold shots down to 1 full second!), automatic dust removal via sensor shake, and the nicely compressible PEF raw format (it uses only half of the space that DNG uses and PEF is supported by Google’s free Picasa, Adobe Raw, the bundled Pentax software and more programs).

this is pretty cheap

not bad…I’m pretty sure it works with my 25-year-old Pentax K-mount lenses AND my Mac

Just a body? It would be more helpful if it came with a lens. Oh well, I didn’t need this anyway.

we’re at least moving up in the world…even if it is slowly…

Theres the camera to go with the tripod.

awesome camera, but waaay too expensive for me!

I have the camera one down from this, the K100, and it’s awesome! It works with all the old Pentax K1000 lenses (of course, not with autofocus).

i am not going to buy this but i just wanted to write and state “i luv u woot.”

Geez, I just bought a brand-new Canon 10MP at Best Buy for the same price.

can this use the regular pentax KA KA/F lenses?

get ready to wait this one out. bring back the ear-muffs

6.1 MP? Puhlease.