Pentax K20D 14.6MP SLR Digital Camera with 18-55mm Lens

Dang. 'spensive!

For the lost soul of the woot off

Let us pray

If I only had the money! I would but this in a flash!

good camera just wish was cheaper

Anyone buy one these last offer?

Great reviews elsewhere too.

common cheap bag of junk!

If only I had the money for one of these. DO they really sell many at that price?

Man… In December I’d be all over this. Too bad I still have to focus on graduating before starting that career.

Nice camera! Anyone know what size film it takes?

you don’t see many DSLR cameras on woot very often, let alone a woot off. This is a great camera, just don’t have the funds on hand right now to get one.

I own this one. And expensive? It’s an older model. I paid $1400 for it. This is a STEAL!!!

Best camera I EVER owned.

Oh…very affordable. I might get 3.

I have this camera’s predecessor (the K10D). It’s an amazing camera, and the best bang for the buck. If I had the $$$, I’d upgrade to this in a heartbeat.


It’s too bad I’m broke… :frowning:

it dosent say nikon or canon…not that good…

Someone from texas is rich.

Someone bought 3 already!

Buy more! gives it a: Highly Recommended. thier best rating

from dpreview
Conclusion - Pros
■Excellent image quality at low ISO settings
■Image quality still good as ISO 1600
■Ergonomics up with the best of the best
■Large and bright Pentaprism viewfinder (0.95x magnification)
■Robust body with dust and weather seals, high build quality
■Accurate, reliable auto-focus
■Sharpening modes give better image control
■Unique exposure modes; sensitivity, shutter/aperture priority, hyper program
■Selectable program lines; Normal, Hi speed, Depth and MTF (lens sharpness)
■Good level of user control over high ISO noise reduction
■User definable Auto ISO (set in 1/3EV if desired)
■Good built-in flash metering
■In-camera Shake Reduction system offers some advantage in low light
■Dust reduction by anti-static coating and optional sensor ‘shake’
■Dust alert makes sensor cleaning simpler
■Mirror lock-up implemented as part of the self-timer
■Function menu for quick access to important settings (although hard buttons are better)
■First color-adjustable LCD monitor
■Proper hinged doors covering the connectors (not the cheap rubber bungs)
■In-camera RAW development with parameter control and batch conversion
■Interesting modes, such as Interval shooting and multiple exposures
■Value for money

Conclusion - Cons
■Continuous shooting rate slow by modern standards
■Hot pixels can occur and can’t be automatically removed
■Noise reduction cannot be raised as high as the competition
■Live view mode adds very little to the camera (it is neither seamless nor able to usefully magnify)
■Autofocus not as fast or consistent in low light as the more expensive competition
■Menu navigation a little clunky and won’t revert to last-used location
■Would have been nice to have hard buttons for White Balance
■Average automatic white balance performance, still very poor under incandescent light
■Flash must be raised for AF assist (although AF works even in very low light)