Pentax MX-1 12MP 4x Opt Digital Camera

**Item: **Pentax MX-1 12MP 4x Opt Digital Camera
Price: $249.99
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Check out this review from DP Review

Pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Let’s check out the product page

I have this camera along with an arsenal of DSLRs. This is a wonderful little camera with a fast, sharp lens and a terrific sensor that gets great image quality. The write speeds when shooting in RAW are slow, so that is frustrating, but outside of that, I love it. I keep it in my briefcase b/c it is portable, versatile and takes crisp, clean shots with noise only starting to creep in at ISO 800, which is quite a feat for a compact camera. I take shots at ISO 400 without a second though.

If you do get the camera, I highly recommend a vintage looking case like this (on which i often get compliments):

4.1 stars (out of 5) on Amazon.

Fast and bright, wide-aperture smc Pentax lens at F1.8-2.5

Finally a compact camera that might (and I repeat “might”) allow you to shoot inside the gym if you have the ISO cranked up pretty high. Still no match of a good DSLR in terms of responsiveness under those same conditions. But a classy rig.

Great suggestion!

This is a great deal! I’ve always been a big fan of Pentax. Here’s an in depth review of the camera. Amazon and BestBuy have some good ones too, mostly from pro photographers.

Although I have to say, I think it’s disappointing this site charged $5 for shipping on it. On this type of purchase, I expect free shipping.

Here are some samples taken with this camera on

It really has a superior lens. The sensor is super performer for its size.

I agree…but even with the $5, it is an amazing price for what you are getting.

I have an ancient Pentax SLR that my grandparents gave my dad for Christmas when he was in college. It’s a great camera, but more than anything I love the way it feels in my hands when I’m shooting. If this is anything like that on the outside, I kind of want one even though I already have a DSLR that I use for everything…

Black Friday/Monday coming soon. Better deals for those who can wait.

This looks like a terrific camera for general use, in most ways the camera special I’ve been waiting to see on Woot. I always love to see a well-loved non-refurb camera come up. Sadly the surprisingly low 4X zoom is a deal-breaker for me as I take more pics outdoors than in and my current 4-year-old camera’s 5X zoom never did the trick either.

Yes, this is a great all around camera, particularly for quick candid shots without flash indoors and at night. But for an f1.8 lens in a compact, you have to give up on a long zoom.

If you like this camera, but not the 4x op zoom, you may want to look at the Pentax-Q. It is a bit more expensive, but allows you to mount different lenses and is about as compact as this is, plus can mount an external flash.

PentaxForums’ review praises the lens, but is mixed about the MX-1’s prosumer features. My take is that for P&S usages it’s excellent. If you try to use it like a DSLR you may be disappointed.

Compared to the Q, the lens on the MX-1 is better. 1) It opens to f/1.8 and stays quite wide open even at full zoom. 2) the Q’s prime lenses can open up similarly but they have no zoom. 3) interchangeable lenses are nice but they add cost, so for the casual P&S user the MX-1’s lens is higher quality, especially factoring in moderate zoom capability.

With a 1/1.7" sensor it won’t compete with a recent DSLR. But it is head and shoulders above a point and shoot and can be used in places where a traditional p&s would fail. ISO 400 images are clean, and even ISO 800 images aren’t bad which would have not seemed possible a few years ago from a sensor this size. Image detail is a real strong point on this camera. But, the fast lens helps you keep the ISO down. Even the biggest downside, the sluggish RAW write speeds, can be addressed with a firmware update if enough users request it from Ricoh, who now owns Pentax.

Went ahead and got one but not before spending most of the day comparing it to other similar pro digicameras. Thing is this camera has exactly the features I was looking for whereas the other cameras were missing one or more of the areas I was looking for which were.

#1 f/1.8 wide aperture lens
#2 macro capability 3cm or less
#3 Raw support
#4 Very good maximum light sensitivity for low light conditions
#5 Long exposures of 30 sec at least for basic nighttime star photography and silky water scenes
#6 small enough to carry in coat pocket

all for under $300!

The Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 was the only one I found in the same class that can also do all this but it also cost 2x as much!

This review I can across pretty much sealed the deal for me since it had the exact same pictures I plan on taking with this camera i.e. nighttime,city night lights, flowing water, etc!

Only thing I wished it had that I would probably use or need is better zoom but then again you’re probably better off going full DSLR with interchangeable lens.