Pentax Optio E60 10MP Digital Camera

anyone know if can you take pictures in sepia format?

Is anyone going to get the pink one?

I have the Pentax A40 from a previous woot and it takes beautiful high resolution pictures. My one problem with it is that it is easy to lose focus if there is motion when using the “easy” setting. Still, I’d buy this woot if I didn’t already have the A40.

I shoot with a Nikon D300. This little guy won’t keep up with the big guns, but it is amazing how not so far behind it competes. It’s head and shoulders above the carp I get shooting with my iPhone! That said, I shoot all three and get decent, albeit different qualities, photos with each tool. When I put them all in iPhoto side by side, it’s only at the higher magnifications that the differences become clear. The nice thing about the pink Pentax is that you can lend it to friends and they will NOT steal your camera! :wink:

Don’t be fooled by the megapixel count…

“10 MP for 80 bucks!!!”

Check the reviews, there’s a reason (several actually) that it’s on the closeout/refurb circuit.

is it worth it to wait to save ten bucks?

Here’s the manual, for those interested:

Wowza. They’re up to 10MP for point n shoots now?

The Post Offices here usually stay open 'til midnight on the 15th but they said they couldn’t afford it this year

Bought this off woot a while back. It’s a decent camera. One thing I’d caution is that the battery life sucks if you don’t get nifty digital camera-type rechargeable AAs. Great pocket cam for catching women making out and police brutality and freak natural disasters though.

Who uses that?!

Ugh. Who decided cameras don’t need viewfinders? All the cheap digicams lack them these days. LCD’s just aren’t don’t replace that functionality.

Batteries? i can’t believe they still pull this.

you would think a company with the Big Name like Pentax would not wantt o dirty thier name like this.

But i guess they gotta keep up with the jonses on the these low enders.

How hard would it be for them to make the exact same camera with a cell phone type battery replacment? seems like NOT VERY.

I am sure glad I learned my lesson long ago on these.
Besides that - check the price on this. same price on ebay but they are hard sellers. check completed listings and you will see what I mean.

I keep hopeing for something cool and and all I see is something cold.

Yes, it does sepia and black and white according to cnet.

Pentax is a pretty decent camera brand, actually…

Even if it doesn’t usually software that comes with the cameras have some special effects you can apply after the fact. It’s always wiser to take the images in color and then alter them to B&W or anything else after the fact. My brother’s wedding photographer opted to take black and white photos when his bride was getting ready. All the pictures of the back of her dress getting laced up with a bright red ribbon are all in black and white. I will probably never forgive that sort of an error on the photographer.

With digital images – effects are always best left for after the image is taken.

Does anyone know what the limit is for the size of the memory card?

Advanced Face Recognition. Does this mean that it will always recognize my face?

Thanks for posting this review. “sufficiently lacking in the residential setting” was the deal breaker for me. I was already leery about needing AA batts anyway.

takes regular AA batteries which is wicked awesome my old current camera takes special battery and needs its own charger no need with this camera…debating.