Pentax Optio E60 10MP Digital Camera

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New Pentax Optio E60 10MP Digital Camera, for $89.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Pentax Optio E60 10MP Digital Camera with 3X Wide-Angle Optical Zoom and Advanced Face Recognition

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It’s a savings of $25.

arg… we would prefer a Canon

Check out the size scale–looks like this camera is actually really small! Could be good for carrying around in your pocket.

Actually bought the pink 8MP version for my wife a little while back. It’s PRETTY DARN GOOD! and yes, it is quite small & very pocketable

just as good as goin to walmart for a camera

cnet has a review, sound pretty decent:

i’ve been waiting for a digital camera to take pictures of all the specimens in my lab course. i don’t know about this one, though…

Ah, yes.
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(Come to think of it, so’s commenting on an item you have no intention of buying, so I’m out of here.)
The two cameras I already got from woot more than fill my needs and were a great deal, so by all means, buy!

Had a pentax Optio before my panasonic - Ate through batteries like Rush Limbaugh through a box of Krispy Kremes. If they would depart from using AA technology and go to a Li-ion battery I might get snagged. But as it was my Optio took 20 pictures with flash, and needed a new set of Duracells.

Nice, but it lacks an optical viewfinder. I have difficulty with LCD screens which wash out in bright sun.


Ahh Firefly! Joss Whedon. A misunderstood genius.

uuummmm AA batteries are lame and fucking stupid

Great Camera but 3x optical zoom really sucks. I would save them money for at least a 5x or better optical zoom.

Im not sure about this. Not a bad deal but I have no need for another camera. It was much easier to talk myself into buying the blu tooth dongles from yesterday

bought the 12 mp optio a40 here before xmas and have been very happy w/it good battery life on its Li-ion battery, and great features, better than many of the other brands i looked at

Darn, I just bought this for myself for Christmas from I love this camera, it takes great pictures, and is super easy to use. It also has some advanced settings so beginners can spread their wings a little after getting comfortable. Pentax gets great reviews from users, even though they are not as big as Olympus, Panasonic, Canon, etc…

I like the fact it takes AA batteries and SD cards. No proprietary batteries or memory cards (like Olympus/Fiji, or Sony). The zoom leaves something to be desired, but overall a solid camera. Buy with confidence, a great product at an unbeatable price!

I’m less than satisfied with the zoom. Who wants only 3x these days? It bothers me that they’re only putting out cameras with 3x optical zoom and then make up for it with 10x digital that just looks horrendous. This is, for me, the most important feature for a camera and it’s so often overlooked

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