Pentax Optio M50 8MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

My pleasure Choirboy! And welcome to the colored-square club :slight_smile:

I too bought one for my daughter. Great reviews and good price… Thanks Woot

Yes - any camera that supports SDHC can support SD (the older standard). The reverse is not true. Your 512MB to 2GB SD cards are supported on any camera that also supports SDHC (such as this Pentax).

Not too stupid at all.

Every one of those cards should work in this camera. Any SD card will work in an SDHC-capable camera, while an SDHC card frequently will not work in an SD-capable camera. (It’s that 2GB barrier you gotta look out for in the documentation…)

Hope that’s helpful!

Can anyone pls. tel me what is the voltage range for this battery charger?
Becouse I planning to gift to my friend who lives in India.

“Good Luck” figuring out what that posting about an Acer LCD monitor is doing in a thread about a Pentax digital camera, too…

I absolutely LOVE the colors!! But maybe that’s because I’m a 16 year old girl…

I’m in for one…it’s worth a shot. $90 for a decent camera. Beats the heck out of the crappy 3MB Kodak it’s replacing…

My first time posting EVER. I’m not normally an impulse buyer, but I just had to have this camera. My former roommate had an Optio three years ago and it was the most user-friendly camera I’ve seen. Plus, the size can’t be beat. I’m a 25 y/o female and I love pink!

I also live near a Six Flags theme park where they used to have a Pentax day–anybody presenting a Pentax camera could get into the park for free. Strange but true.

Parents are going on a cruise in January and have been wanting a new digital camera. After reading some reviews and doing some basic research I couldn’t pass on this woot! In for one in blue. Would have gotten it in pink for me…but that’s just how I roll!

I haven’t even gotten my stuff from the Woot! Off.
Why am I thinking about buying this camera?

Sweet, I’m in for one! Happy Christmas mom!

Oh yeah, I am in… Will go nicely with all that SD 2 - card memory w00t talked me into a month ago! Cell phone only holds ONE at a time. :slight_smile:

Was thinking about pulling the trigger, but then I saw proprietary battery pack. Anyone have experience with that configuration? I’m used to the AA kind, and that works great.

I’m in for one, you guys talked me into it.

$102 with tax. Dang. Didn’t realize you guys are in TX. Oh well. Might get here faster.

I have a Panasonic with a proprietary battery much like this one. It’s been rock-solid for several years now. If I ever have to replace it, I’m still way ahead cost-wise compared to buying disposables or rechargeables in standard sizes - to say nothing of having had that much less size and weight to lug around.

As soon as I hit “post” on this I’m in for one. Great Xmas present for the spouse-equivalent.

And you talked me into it…


I did order one. The reason I want the Date/Time is so I can use it for Iron Butt Association motorcycle rallies. You need to document when the picture was taken.

This site linked by Roostalee on the first pag e says it does under Capture Modes.