Pentax P80 12.1MP 720p Digital Camera

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Pentax P80 12.1MP 720p Digital Camera
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Pentax Optio P80 12.1MP 720p Video 4X wide-angle optical zoom 2.7 inch LCD

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Here’s an Amazon Link

I don’t know much about cameras. Is this a good deal guys? Thax

Best deal I can find is on Newegg for 120+3:

At least, I think that’s the same thing.


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“Ports: SB 2.0 hi-speed”

I think that’s USB. :wink:

wow! this is alot of camera for a little price. seems like its size would make it the perfect travel companion. thanks!

Productwiki has full and complete specs.

A possible Pentaxreturn?

Does well on DP Review also, a little over 4 stars:

Pentax Website

Cameras are cool… i have one… i dont use it much… cameras are on phones now… whyd i buy a camera… my computer has a camera… i guess guys dont use cameras… or maybe just trolling losers that have nothing better to do but click,click,click till the clock hits 12… oh well…
im a sad sad little man… Bazinga!

I wish they were offering this in the mint green color; I would be all over it!

These were on sale recently at Fry’s for $99, so this beats that deal by at least $5 for Texas residents.

I grabbed one at Fry’s and am now preparing to return it, however, as the pictures can be quite (typically) noisy - a common problem for lower-cost high megapixel cameras. If anyone has information to the contrary (suggesting a bad unit) please let me know, otherwise comparable online reviews report the same issue.

Unfortunately, you have to get into the $150-200 range to get pictures that remain reasonably noise-free at even “normal” relative ISO settings (200-400).

Good luck!


i was not surprised by this until i saw the word “new”! I couldn’t believe that. Usually you see deals like this from woot with “refurbished” if i had an extra hundred buck lying around and did not have a camera already i would definitely be in for one.

I’m looking for a good decent camera. Anybody own one of these? How do you like it?

It’s only going for ~$80-100 on eBay brand new though:

I don’t know if this camera would be especially good for the active type of person. I have the previous version of this camera, took it on a hike with it in my pocket, and the screen broke because of slight pressure caused by my leg. Beware of Pentax’s very pressure sensitive screens.