Pentax P80 12.1MP 720p Digital Camera

can someone talk about the lens? is it “wide angle”? any info would be helpful, thanks!

Looks like a good deal, price, size; only complaints are sometimes picture quality isn’t as good as expected, but most give it a high rating.

A detailed review:

For $95 shipped, how could someone go wrong? If it only had decent reviews, it would still be a pretty good camera to carry along any time, so as to not ruin a very good (expensive)digitalized picturization machine.

This picture shows the lens says “WIDE” on it:

What a BEAUTIFUL camera!!! I’m itching to buy it, but I already have more than enough (a few DSLRs and p&s cameras). So itching!!!

Standard camera lens. If your looking for wide angle and other detachable lenses, you’re looking in the wrong place. Try Canon.

I “Pert near” bought it, but I thought it was a 2-fer. Oops!

someone on flickr tagged a few photos with it

even a video

Down in the info it says the wide end is equivalent to about 27mm, which is pretty good.

Something else I just noticed about it that is pretty neat is that it has manual focus. A lot of these P&S digicams don’t have it.

I think the 720p video is a pretty good selling point also. I’m resisting the urge to pull the trigger on this one, since it would be a nice update from my old Sony DSC-W70.

If it was a 2-fer it would be gone in short order.

Another digital camera? If I didn’t know better I’d think that woot was in the business of soul stealing.

Only if you’re Amish!

Not one of their excellent reviews, but at least some more info at Steve’s Digicams:

thank you for actually addressing the question!

Does anyone know if there is a lag time between the time the flash goes off and the picture is taken. Those are NOT good when you are trying to take pictures of babies and young kids. They tend to close their eyes, so I really need one that takes the picture at the same time as the flash with zero lag.

Also, is there a way to tell by looking at specs whether a camera has that lag time or not?

thanks bunches!

Here is a reference guide for people who don’t know a lot about cameras. I am studying Photo Imaging right now and a lot of the information that i am about to share with you could help to save a lot of money.

here goes:

for daily snapshots or vacation pictures(unless you plan to blow any of the photos up larger than an 8x10) you dont need higher than 2 mega pixels. any camera over 2 mp will look the exact same on 8x10 if they have the same lens layout. (plus good luck finding a printer that will print in a resolution higher than 2mp at 8x10)

For more professional photos that may require doctoring or photo shop or anything that may be blown up to a movie poster size, you dont need anything more than 5 mega pixels. You can find plenty of demos on youtube of someone asking people on the street if they can tell the difference between the movie poster siezed photo taken on a 5mp camera or the 10mp camera, and none of them can tell. (again your not going to see a printer do better than 5mp at that size)

If you are taking photos to go on the side of a uHaul, a bilboard, or a semi-truck then your doing the right thing by trying to buy a 10-12 mp camera! I work at office max and apparently most people do want to take pictures for this reason because 90% of them are looking for the highest mp camera we have… i even had a lady turn down an Olympus professional that was on clearance for $99 because it was only 8mp. she was apparently wanting pictures to go across the hull of a ship.

No! what you want for a good quality picture is a camera that has a lense that is at least an inch wide. its not about how big of a file the camera can save the image as, its about how clear the image gets put through the shudder is. Stop looking at file size. look for lens configuration. As a semi-professional photographer, i only use an 8mp camera but it cost me 200 dollars and i have a 1.8in wide lens and i take way better pics than this thing will, guaranteed.

wow, that’s like 10 bucks less if true

NightGhost linked the wrong model…

I enjoy the reviews and information at TestFreaks.

Visit and read the excellent review as TestFreaks rates the Pentax P80!

As a small point and shoot, this is great.