PENTAX Q 12.4MP Dual Lens Camera Kit

**Item: **PENTAX Q 12.4MP Dual Lens Camera Kit
Price: $449.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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What’s going on here?

Look, we really wanted your mon… uh, to sell you that awesome thing, but here’s the deal: we ran out. We waited to see if anyone else would drop the ball so we could swoop in and take their stuff and give it to you, but not this time. We have other, probably even more awesome things you can buy, though. Maybe don’t wait so long to snap those up.


what? I don’t understand?

I haven’t even seen a yellow button yet :[

If it makes you feel better I have one in my “Stuff you bought” from yesterday - Status “Checking Inventory” Realizing its a crapshoot that it may not be real sucks, not being able to click to get one for sure is worse… Please Woot give me a sign.

I got it in the cart, clicked place order…and denied since someone hit the button first.

I wish they at least do 3-5 BOCs an item rather than 1

I got one of the BOC’s yesterday… does that mean I can’t try to get another one today? It says one a week, but what if my weeks start on Thursday and end on Wednesday?

I think i may have gotten that message too, but I didn’t bother to read it since i knew I lost.