Pentax X90 Super Zoom 12.1 Megapixel Camera with 26x Optical Zoom

? Sold out every where last time I checked

My point exactly. Spec alignment issue.

sombody buy one already !!! damn

I have been told the boc is next… fyi

Does anyone know how much onboard memory it has, what kind of memory card is uses, and if it comes with one?

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Digital cameras are dime a dozen anymore…if u don’t already have one, you prob. Use your phone

So has everyone else…

My girlfriend got one of these last year. She loves it. It’s bulky, though, and the big zoom requires a very steady hand (or tripod), even with the image stabilization. Still, it may be as close as you can get to a DSLR without paying DSLR money.

30% give it 2 or 1 star so I don’t consider that “decent”.

if by boc you mean cordless drill

It uses SD/SDHC cards. For best results in fast shooting you want Class 6 or 10 because this camera can make use of the faster speed of the card. But it will use Class 2 or unClassmarked cards for stills but not video.

The buffer is unspec’ed but I eduguess about 32 meg or so.

Well damn.
If anybody gets a case of buyer’s remorse, shoot me an email to dedicated_dad_misc on ya-HOOOOOO-ooooooo…

For a camera with many advanced features like this one, I discount those low ratings. Some people just can’t operate more than a simple point and shoot, or understand to use a fast class speed card in this type camera.

Sad I missed this one.

does this do camera hdr? I guess moot point, but the x-r they had today did but it was twice the price but new.

Do you also discount the reviews from the professionals like Stevesdigicams and DPReview who rated it even lower than Amazon?