Pentax X90 Super Zoom 12.1 Megapixel Camera with 26x Optical Zoom



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Pentax X90 Super Zoom 12.1 Megapixel Camera with 26x Optical Zoom
$224.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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YA YA! Woot Woot! :slight_smile:


Hope there are a lot of these I have housework that needs done.


Additional specs and reviews:


Come on, I keep missing the DSLR versions. Great cameras, and I don’t care on the color (ok, as I am a guy, maybe not the pink one). The kids are getting into that age where I am missing out on some great school/sports moments and want to get some closer/nicer shots that my Nikon point and shoot just can’t provide.


Is this one of those cameras that only fits very specific lens accessories?

No. I don’t know anything about cameras; how did you know?


Review from my favorite camera site.


This looks quite nice, and is very nearly a “buy” for me–but the non-interchangable lens is a dealbreaker.

This looks like a very well featured, non-compact, point and shoot. I’d be in-for-one right away if only I could swap the glass on it.


It’s too bad this doesn’t at least have an option to take photos in .raw format. If it did I’d buy this in a heartbeat and save the money on a setup that would be at least $1000.

As far as lens attachments I assume there aren’t any since it’s a one-piece camera like your point-and-shoot (although a lot more powerful).


I read the last line of the first paragraph as “making love FAST”.

Hey, -I- can do that!


woot stunk today, wont by again from WOOT


Not terrible, but not great. Better options out there, but likely not at this price.

Or jump to this camera’s section of that review:

(Don’t miss the conclusion page. Unsurprisingly Canon, Panasonic, and Nikon are top picks in the class.





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Guess the additional Memory card specs are too much to ask for.


That is not HDMI. It is, as best as I can tell, a mini-HDMI port. These cables are more expensive and harder to find at local stores, and they are notorious for problems.