Pentel Side FX Automatic Pencil

Is this really $16 for one pencil? Is this the same pencil that the office giants are selling for four bux? I’m missing something

Woot has progressively gotten worse, with "deals” no better than what you’d find on Amazon and Overstock, but now it’s gotten to the point where everything I’ve seen could be gotten cheaper elsewhere. A four dollar pen for over $16!? Think I’m done with this site.

Obviously this is a mistake. This price is probably based on a package of 10 or 20. I bought a pack of 2 in the 99-cent store a couple of months ago. It’s my favorite mechanical pencil though.

It’s a single pencil. Here it is on Amazon for $36.57

I think you guys got swindled.

I’m pretty sure that Pentel has this on their web site with a list price of $2.99.

camelcamelcamel shows a low price of $1.99 and a high price of $375.30 and a current price of $36.57