People’s Wine Revolution Zin & Petite Sirah (6)

I’m not finding any info for the Petite Sirah under the Features and Specs tabs or anywhere for that matter?

No info on the petite sirah? Sorry about that. I am sure the Wine.Woot team is working hard to fix that. I’m the meanwhile, let me know what I can tell you. The grapes are from the Oberti vineyard in bucolic Suisun Valley. The wine matured in neutral oak barrels and we love it! Very approachable and good friendly for a petite sirah.

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I took a look at the Zinfandel specs, and it looks like the only information listed is alcohol. The alcohol for the Petite Sirah is 14.2%.

Want to get geeky? We picked the Petite Sirah grapes on September 24, 2013, at 25.4 Brix. We bottled at 14.2% alcohol, pH 3.82, and 5.5 g/L titratable acidity. If you don’t know what that means, we’ll be happy to explain.

While you are here, the Zinfandel was picked on September 25, 2013, at a mere 22.7 Brix! The flavors in the vineyard were incredible, and they remain so in the wine. Cheers!

Thanks for joining in Matt. Hopefully the mods will pick you up as a rep and add your logo. Sometimes we’re a bit slow to find the side deals…

What’s the drink-by date for the PS? I tend to like them with a bit of cellar time, but that higher pH has me wondering how these will hold up. Lower AbV’s appreciated as well.

Can you expand on your house style a bit

Drinking a 2009 Benessere Sangiovese this evening and quite enjoyed the 2006 Quixote Petite Sirah Quixote that I still have a case of in the cellar; also bottled under Stelvin.

Some here may have hesitation with those twist-offs; talk to us. And how does this PS stack up to that Quixote that is getting interesting?

You have a hand with either of those? Seems like you may have.

Thanks for the kind words and welcome. I see the logo now.

Don’t worry about the pH of the Petite and its ageability. It will develop and evolve in the bottle for years. That wine will make it to 2023 easily, and be a beauty when it gets there.

Yes, wines do develop under screwcap. When I was at Quixote (after the 2006 you enjoyed was already bottled) I got to compare the 2000 Petite finished with cork and the 2001 finished with screwcap. Of course those vintages differed, but after 10 years under cork the 2000 was evolved and displayed lovely potpourri aromas. The 2001 (screwcap) had lovely tertiary aromas (those developed in bottle), but tasted as fresh as if it had just been bottled.

On the subject of other wines I have had a hand in, the 2009 Benessere Sangiovese is a great wine I can claim no credit for. It was in bottle long before I started there. But try the 2013 Sangiovese if you can find it, or the newly released 2014 Sangiovese, and please let me know how you think I’m doing with those wines!

The Revolution’s house style is fresh, approachable wines that show off the variety and vineyard sites. We work with diverse vineyards that do not yet have the recognition they deserve, and we want our customers to discover for themselves what makes these sites so great. The reds are barrel aged, but in neutral barrels that contribute minimal oak flavors, allowing the flavor of the grapes and the site to shine through.

Sounds like the Quixote; still quite fresh under screwcap.
You happen to know the OTR of caps that were, and you are, using?
A quick search for the Benessere seems to suggest they are both available from the winery, but nothing else coming up with wine searcher (not pro).

While you are in geek mode, you have notes on the RS for the Zin and PS here?

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Now, hopefully, a mod will also update the main page info on the PS.

I poked the team. Thanks!

[Geek mode] Okay, here we go! Yes, the Petite Sirah screwcap has a saranex liner, which theoretically allows the ingress of 1x10^-3 mLs oxygen/day. The Zinfandel is sealed with a VinPerfect screwcap. Those caps have an aluminum disk inside the cap that can be perforated with lasers to achieve the desired OTR. However, I asked VinPerfect to make no holes. In theory, then, the OTR is 0. In reality, it is likely closer to the OTR for the SaranTin liner (with a tin disk inside the cap): 1.0x10^-4 mLs O2/day.

As for the residual sugar in the wines, the Zin is 0.2 g/L and the Petite Sirah 0.3 g/L. In other words: dry. [/Geek mode]

Regarding Benessere, the wines are not much distributed outside of California, but they can ship to most states.

Thanks again for your interest!

Your wine won’t ship to Idaho, dang it. When can you remedy this?

Good question! Sorry about that. We do our own compliance and adding states is an ongoing chore. But I don’t want to leave you thirsty. I’ll see what I can do about Idaho.

Thank you for your interest.

Very limited availability (8 states + DC); would like to support a small, family-run business but no Ohio on your short list. Darn federalism…

We share your frustration! Any friends you can ship to in MI?

We’re working on it…

I’ve had a number of the early 2000s Quixote and Panza PS and found them to be uniformly excellent.

That interests me about this, even though I really, really, really, don’t need more PS!

Well, with no shipping to IL, looks like the decision was made for me.

Sorry to hear it! Any friends in Indiana?

Too bad about IL-- I would have taken one, although I’d really prefer all Petite Sirah.

Also too bad about the neutral oak-- I love a well-oaked PS. Line 39 had a fairly good one a few years ago, and the best I’ve gotten recently (in my price range), the 2012 from Three Wines, is light on wood, but has enough to be interesting.

Was fired up for an order but then see no TX shipping. That sucks.

Howdy, folks! Thanks for playing! I appreciate all your comments. Sorry to all we could not ship toand thanks to all who ordered. We hope you love the wines.

anyone find the zin a bit off?