People's Wine Revolution Syrah (6)

People’s Wine Revolution Syrah 6-Pack
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2013 PWR Wines Syrah, Three Rivers Ranch, Bennett Valley, Sonoma County

Hey, WootWorld! We are here, ready and willing to answer your questions and tell you anything you want to know about us and this wine. We love this Syrah, and are sure that you will, too!

I’m excited to try this - I’ve also got the viognier on the way.

Thanks, Michael. I am sure you will love them both.

I love cooler climate Sonoma Syrah. Can you discuss cooperage on this wine and how long this is intended to be in its prime drinking window.

Thanks for checking in, cortot20. This wine went into barrel right after completing primary fermentation. It stayed in barrel for 11 months. The barrels we used were all neutral French oak. We find that this helps soften the wine without overwhelming it with oak character.

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Whether you are sitting on a beach or, you know, laboring, we salute the hard work you do, have done, and/or will do!

And with that, I’m off to work. I’ve got a couple fermentations to punch down, and Brix and temp. to check. See you on the flip side!

Hey gang! Marcy and I farmed this vineyard, doing it all from pruning through harvest. (For most of our wines, we just buy the grapes; we don’t do the farming.) If you have any questions about how we farmed, or about anything else, let’s hear them!

Hi Matt. Thanks for participating in the forums. What is the suggested drinking window for this wine? Also, can you comment on the specific characteristics of cool climate (vs warm climate) that you like about this wine?

Syrah is my favorite “go to” lately so I will likely pick up a set regardless of your answers. Love the concept of your mission.


Looks interesting, I’m a fan of other Bennett Valley syrahs. I have three possible shipping states but none on the list. Maybe if you’re back with an expanded list. I know the licenses are expensive. Matt, you have some nice wine assignments in your background :slight_smile:

Thanks for the questions! As for drinking window, I think this wine is still on an upward arc (that is, it is improving and growing in complexity) but that there is no need to wait to enjoy it. I think it will hold for at least 5-7 years.

Syrah is a fun and fascinating grape to work with because it is so expressive across a wide range of growing conditions. Unlike, e.g., Pinot noir or Riesling, which tend to become uninteresting when grown in warmer climates, Syrah simply changes. In a cool-climate Syrah such as this one, we have more savory notes–think olive, bacon, black and white pepper. At the other extreme you can get the jammy, concentrated blackberry preserve characters I associate with Aussie Shiraz. In between lie a broad range of fruit characteristics. You may have a preference for a certain part of the spectrum, or enjoy them all, but the range is most interesting.

If I have been incoherent, let me know and I’ll try again. Still on my first cup of coffee!

Hi Kaolis, Sorry to hear it, and thanks for your interest. Yes, please keep checking back for future offers here. We do our best to open new shipping channels. Please drop us a line and let us know where you are so we can focus our energies!

  1. Welcome to the fun, stick around, I think you’ll like it here.

  2. What’s your (or one of) favorite things about making wine.

  3. Do you have a favorite food pairing with this one?

  1. Thanks, EtBH!

  2. Making wine involves body and mind entirely. About as zen as I can get. And I find it to be eternally surprising.

  3. For carnivores, I recommend slow-cooked pork, esp as, say, carnitas tacos, or char siu. For non-carnivores, it’s all about the umami, so I would go with grilled portobellos.


Any chance you could figure out a way for shipping to Oregon?

Thanks for your interest. We are always looking to add new states but that will not happen in time for that offer. Still, please drop us a line and we’ll let you know as soon as we can ship to Oregon.

just catching up on this forum. Thanks very much for your participation. you get it.

now get more states!

Thanks, Winedavid! We’re working on it!

One order heading to the great white north. Thanks Matt & Marcy! Love the label.