People's Wine Revolution Syrah (6)

People’s Wine Revolution Syrah 6-Pack
$61.99 $132.00 53% off List Price
2013 PWR Wines Syrah, Three Rivers Ranch, Bennett Valley, Sonoma County

Merry Xmas, everyone! Enjoy your morning and have a fantastic day. Have any questions about our wine? Ask away, and we’ll get back to you when we can.


Love Bennett Valley Syrah, alas no Illinois

Sorry, Kaolis!

No problem. If I recall this was offered before and we had a similar exchange. Think this was the wine.

Merry Christmas!!

You do remember correctly. We have added one or two more states since then, but alas not Illinois. Thanks for checking in.

Merry Christmas to you!

Are these ready to drink now or need ageing? If needing ageing then how much?
Thanks and Merry Christmas.

They are ready to drink now. The tannins are quite approachable. That said, the time in bottle has done the wine good, and more time will certainly bring ever greater complexity.

Merry Christmas!

No tasting comments from the last offering? Anyone had this before, looks like a good QPR.

Pretty quiet out there. I hope I didn’t scare everyone away.

Hey, here’s something you might not know: we farmed this vineyard (rather than just buying the grapes) and I finally got to learn how to drive a tractor. Good times!

Tractors are fun!

It’s quiet because we’re all in mourning for the final days of Wine Woot.

Tractors are fun, indeed!

Yes, it is the end of days, for Wine Woot, at least. Let’s go out with a bang!

Great timing, I have one bottle left from the last offer.
Very tasty Syrah, and a bargain at this price.

Thanks for chiming in, Michael. So glad you enjoyed the wine!


Sadly, no love for Oregon. Would love to try this!

Coming soon, we hope, but too late for this offer. Please check in with us in the new year.

Does that mean you are “migrating” to the new site?

I haven’t heard anything about a new site. I just meant we should be able to ship to OR in 2018. I hope!

Thanks! Wine woot founders are having a kickstarter campaign for a new wine site. Sounds great.