Peppers Performance Polarized Eyewear

I was almost in for the Overcast, but when I followed the link to their site to see if there were alternate angles, the “green mirror” finish shown on Woot is not even close to what Peppers lists. This is a tad too green for me, and I’m a Spartan fan.

the shop i work at stocks peppers and i’ve owned a pair or two. the green is more like what you see on woot than the peppers website. thankfully they’re not that neon slime green, haha. good shades. extremely light and well polarized

I have had several pairs Peppers shades. I love them. Light weight, pretty durable. I lose a lot of sunglasses, so these are a great price point for me. I would recommend to anyone.

Driving: Polarized lenses are the solution to that “reflection of the dash in your windshield” that is a major distraction for me. I picked up two pair at this price, one for each vehicle. Thanks Woot!

Thanks, I guess I’ll give them a try, then!

Edit: Or not… sold out. Maybe next time.