Peppers Performance Polarized Sunglasses for $14.99

Hi, I’m Glen and I have wandering eyes.
Hi Glen

I like to look at pretty girls, but I don’t want to seem like the creeper I probably am.
yeah, tell us brother

When I pick out new sunglasses I like to make sure that the mirrored effect is complete enough to hide what direction my eyes are looking.
lots of us do that

Whew… I’m glad I’m not the only one.
No, no you’re not alone man…

Is the mirroring on these good enough to hide my shame?
No shame brother, no shame.

Do these lenses block 100% UVA/UVB?

Come-on Woot, Indicate the temple-to-temple width. Recently purchased the Kenneth Coles and had to GIVE them away for being way too narrow.

20 bucks for polarized shades is worth risking them not fitting properly. And losing them in the lake isn’t too bad either. In for one.

Yep. I usually just buy cheap shades at any available store when a current set breaks and they are usually 15-20 bucks so why not…

this site’s (ShoeBuy) description lists the Pepper’s Remix = medium face
… of course there’s always the disclaimer that each site/brand defines “medium” differently :\ has the Storm Shadow and the reviews look “okay”.
The Amazon site shows Storm Shadow description with 100% UV coating, So I’ll assume all their (Pepper’s) lenses will have UV protectant.
Storm Shadow Sizing:
Lens width: 68 millimeters
Lens height: 40 millimeters
Bridge: 15 millimeters
Arm: 120 millimeters

Amazon also has the Searchlight
Lens width: 65 millimeters
Lens height: 38 millimeters
Bridge: 15 millimeters
Arm: 130 millimeters

I’ll take a pair of Storm Shadows and Apex :slight_smile:

Are these men or women? So hard to buy glasses online. I think there men’s but I thought I would ask.


I own these shades, I have a huge head, these are about the only thing that fits them

Which style do you own?

I really like the style of a few of these except for the stupid looking “Peppers” logo. No one recognizes that as a brand of shades so it just looks like you are really into spicy food or something.

I live in Pittsburgh where Peppers have their offices. One of my friends bought a pair and he loves them. At this price, I’m getting a pair too.

I have purchased 5 pairs of Peppers from Woot. They are well made and comfortable. I usually get the “Black Smoke”.
Hmmm, I may have to add another one.

Mine came in today, and there is a sticker on the lenses that says they block 100% UV.

I have a couple of pairs of a 2011 Peppers that look similar to the Overcast being sold here but they have a chrome Peppers shield on the sides. I bought them from on clearance for about $22 and are the best sunglasses I’ve owned. Most glasses give me headaches, these don’t! They are also well made and don’t have the cheap, plastic feel as others that I’ve tried do. I also love the polarization on the lenses.

I got my Peppers today. Gotta say, the packing was absolutely horrible. A “padded” envelope with the glasses inside. Mine came with both lenses popped out of the frame from something squishing them. Thankfully, i was able to pop the lenses back in.