Peppers Polarized Eyewear

Love the Polarized part but never heard of Peppers Eye Glasses before. Maybe I’ll pick up a pair at this price.

They’re decent. I picked up a pair last year and am wearing them everyday. Not Oakly, but darn nice for the price.

I’ve used Peppers for the last few years and have been very impressed by them. For the price, you can’t beat it. UV & Polarized? Yes, please.

However, they do scratch VERY easily, and I suggest using a case to store them

I picked up a pair of Peppers at a local outlet about a year or two ago. For the money, they’re great - polarized, lightweight, fairly well made, and lifetime warranty. I think they even provide a warranty on lens scratches for a year or two.

I wore mine regularly until I scratched one lens pretty bad a couple weeks ago (was riding a horse and they fell 8+ feet to the desert ground, lenses down…) I’d highly recommend these, and this price is about half of what I paid! I may very well pick up another pair, although none really ‘do it’ for me…

In for three. I bought a couple pairs of these last year (thanks, Woot!) and was very happy with them. I drive all day long for my job, and the UV/polarized lenses really do help with eye fatigue. You can’t beat this price.

I bought the Peppers MP398-1 Grey Area Polarized Sunglasses off Woot previously, and I’d echo the other reviews: the quality for the price is amazing.

Going to grab a pair of the Speedline now. Actually, might get two, I’m tough on sunglasses.

I’m looking at the Peppers Spark White with Purple Mirror and the Terminator Matte Frost with Blue-Purple Mirror finish. Are the lens brown or grey tint?

Where can you find these at a retail store to try on? I have a smaller narrow head and sunglasses that fit me are rare. Everywhere I read reviews on this brand everyone says they are close to oakley quality for the money. These are normally $40-50 on Amazon and eBay so don’t judge them by their $15 tag here.

Dick’s carries them in some stores, so if you have one nearby you could check their availability. Unfortunately, as I searched the local availability to me it appears that maybe less than 20% of the stores had the pair I was looking at.

One other possibility is Amazon. The sunglasses qualify for free returns, so you could send them back at no cost if the fit is wrong. Of course, it won’t be quite as good of a price as Woot.

I received what’s left of my sunglasses in the mail today. Just one question, you have a drunk guy packing for you this week?

The box, sunglasses removed, retains a height of approximately 1/2 inch. The sunglasses are slightly more than 1 inch tall. You can imagine the condition they arrived in.

The BP0 is intended for nearly flat things (ie video games, dvds, etc) which typically have their own form support. It’s incredibly disappointing, especially since the glasses are now sold out.

I’m sorry to hear about your experience. If you haven’t yet, please email with your situation and order details. Let us know how things go.