Per Alessandra Italian Barbera (4)

Per Alessandra Italian Barbera 4-Pack
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2010 Per Alessandra Barbera d’Alba
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I’ll apologize here at the beginning, because this comment isn’t very useful since I don’t have any notes and it’s been a very long time since I consumed them…

That said, I purchased the 2009 version of this wine from woot in 2012 ( and I have it down squarely as a “do not repeat” purchase. This household is pretty sensitive to licorice and prune flavors in our red wine…and I think those were prevalent enough it made drinking the 2009s very tough.

I’m in.
I bought this wine last time and liked it because the wine talked to me of place and variety.

We just finished the last bottle of this from our previous purchase and I was hoping that it would come up again, since it’s so good. In for 3!

Congrats on your black square! Looking forward to seeing you and Jana in Wooster, OH this coming March.

I just popped open the 2009 version of this last night. Needed some breathing room but afterwards was nice and mild. Personally didn’t pick up on licorice like a previous comment mentioned but I definitively got some plum/cherry. Nice and smooth too. Would buy again but it appears that very few wineries are still shipping to WV any more.

Weeping. We haven’t seen this in over a year…

Scott, can you confirm it was the '10 you got and commented on, and not the earlier '09?

We always have a great time in Wooster. Look forward to seeing you there. I noticed you have a purple triangle. Yours shows 88/100. What is that for?