Percale Sheets

Yippee, finally separate pillowcases to buy, thanks, Woot!

These are good sheets, I’ve bought a lot of them. Sturdy, percale, all-cotton, deep pockets on the fitted sheets, all at a good price.

Has anyone had issues with pilling?

These things organic cotton? Anyone? Beuller?

Will the twin fit a twin-xl 10" mattress?

yes. not good sheets to have with cats. i have to wash and dry them all the time. then, i have to pick off the pills of cat hair afterwards.

A cat comb or one of those “velvet” lint brushes will work wonders.

I bought these sheets along with the Eddie Bauer ones, and these are terrible compared to the Eddie Bauer ones. They’re so much rougher. It’s always itchy sleeping in these.

I bought three sets of these sheets, three different sizes for the three beds in our house. After two washings and two weeks (not consecutive) on my bed, there is a large rip in each the fitted and the top sheet. I’m really disappointed because I like the color and the texture is okay. They just aren’t durable, poor quality. They were not misused, I have no strange sleep patterns (at least nobody mentioned it if I do!). Nobody has slept in the other beds yet, so I can’t say that this is a problem with all the sets, but this one set ended up being a very expensive mistake.