Perching Birds Set of 2

They demand sacrifice!




If I had a soul, they would be eating it RIGHT NOW!

Most confusing hookah ever.

Wow, those are ugly. Even by home.woot standards.

Where are these made?
What country?

I’m afraid I have to give this woot two “birds”.

I call this “A Study On Painted Slurpee Cup Lids That I Glued Together”.

Sooooo, whadd’ya think? Be honest. I was up…well, not exactly ALL night, but to WELL past 10:00 gluing them together…

I love birds and have a ton of birdy knick-knacks but these are just freaking hideous.

Flying monkey targets! Geronimo!!

Hmmm snail shells and a glue gun. Starving artist.

Someone made more than one set of these ? The first set was so nice someone said “Heck,lets make a bunch of them”

Woot-off blocked!
10 minutes in, still 100% left.

I think this one will last well past the midnight hour. OMG…they give me the creeps. You could pay me to dispose of them.

I was going to say if I came upon these in my house at night they’d get two to the chest and one to the head but looks like that’s already happened.

Never have I seen something this bad … Not even my grandmother would buy this .

I actually like these (ahh don’t judge me!), but they are way too expensive.

Ugly birds! Who’s gonna pay $90 for that!?

Why oh why couldn’t these be $10? Best white elephant gift ever!