Perching Birds Set of 2

How long have you gone since your last ophthalmic exam? Don’t worry, you will see clearly with a new prescription.

The one on the right reminds me of the old plague doctors

Those guys were sick, bring it down to 30 bucks and then we’ll talk.

This is the woot-off killer* of all time. Maybe (crosses fingers) there’s only one pair, and when someone finally buys them, we’ll be able to move on. Otherwise? Just skip the “home!” tab for the next coupla days.

edited to add: *hee! Woot filter fun!

Woot, these suck. They look more like Perching Boobs. And $89? really?

I don’t know whether the item or your image is scarier. Okay, it’s the item. Can’t stop staring at them- it’s like a car wreck.

A seller has them listed on Amazon for like $174.00. The listing says they are designed by Billy Moon…ABOUT BILLY MOON

Billy Moon, an icon in the home furnishings industry, has been designing unique product for over twenty years. Billy first made a name for himself with the launch of the Moon Collection in the 80’s, a line of clay and metal accessories. Following his new product introduction, Billy opened his own exclusive factory in Mexico to produce his designs. As a result of his immediate success, Billy gained nationwide recognition and distribution in many of the top retail stores in the country. He received the ARTS award, the most prestigious home furnishings award in the industry, for three straight years in the early 1990’s. This is a feat that few companies or designers have ever achieved in the industry.

Billy, a native Texan, has most recently moved his design operation and residence to China, under the company name MoonStyle. His focus under Moonstyle is the development and creation of the industry’s most creative and unique accessories, accent furniture, wall décor, and lighting products. His flair to match exotic materials with consumer tastes is unmatched, which creates high demand for his product. Billy’s creations are flavored by his significant travel around the world, as he integrates many of the natural resources and unique cultural elements into each of his items.

Billy has a B.A. in Economics and an M.B.A in International Business from the University of Dallas.

They are still UGLY…but the joke may be on us 50 years from now when someone brings them to an antique roadshow… Maybe woot only has 1.