Perfect Bacon Bowl - Set of 2

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Perfect Bacon Bowl - Set of 2
Price: $0.5
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Jun 23 to Friday, Jun 24) + transit
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I’m in for 20.

I promise that what ever remains goes in upcoming BOC builds. :tongue:

50 cents!? Now i feel ripped off because I bought them at 75 cents! grrr.

/worth every penny lolol

Buy more! You can stuff stockings into the next decade!

I mean, I paid for 20, but if you had a few extra you wanted to throw in my box, you wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

You know you can flip these upside down and use them as economical furniture movers!

Little bit of duct tape and they’re ear muffs.

I would love a pic of all 40 bacon bowls filled with delicious goodies.

Why did I just buy this crap?

They are “Perfect” to use as Princess Leah in the school play of Star Wars!

50 Cent man…

That would be fantastic. Except I can’t afford to buy that much bacon.

Apparently, Oregon, New Mexico, Wyoming, and South Dakota don’t like bacon.

… plus tax.

I will admit it’s not the stupidest thing I bought here today, though.

Oh, and Montana.

What’s wrong with you people?


unless your state doesn’t charge tax…boo yah!

seriously, though, i’m in for four to see if these really work for foody applications other than bacon bowls. i’ll report back. <;)

The bacon will cost more than these damn bowls!

Well, yeah…