Perfect Cup Tea Pot Tea Set

Perfect Cup Tea Pot Tea Set
$17.99 + $5 shipping
1 Perfect Cup Tea Pot - 16 oz.
4 Flower balls in individual foil bags
1 Loose Leaf Fruit tea in foil bag - 2 oz.
1 Loose Leaf Green Tea in foil bag - 2 oz.
1 Loose Leaf Earl Grey - 2 oz.
1 Wooden Tea scoop

Previous offer:

Exactly how much tea is 2oz of tea? That teapot does look like I would become the best boyfriend ever if I bought it with its flowery goodness…

“Fruit tea”? Seriously, if you can’t even tell me what kind of tea this is, then it’s no good. The only thing that might be worth it is that nifty strainer.

I’m thinking these some false advertising here. Wouldn’t the “perfect” tea pot brew beer?

Two dollars less than the December 2010 offering…

I bought my wife, sister, and mother each a variation of this kit, probably worth it for the flowering teas alone.

Are “foil bags” the new name for “tin cans” or is the picture just misleading me to believe the cans are included?

I was wondering the same thing. Which is it WOOT, bags or cans?

Some of the comments of the previous thread for this woot complained of leaky brewer/strainers, has this issue been addressed? I have had one from teavana for a couple years now that works like a charm and never leaks.

There are probably bags inside the cans.

When I was buying some tea in SF China town, I think they said 2oz is about a month supply, if you drink tea couple times a day.

As far quality of this Woot goes, my gf got it off the last one. Her comment was that the teas are okay, but not great and that you should expect a puddle each time your pour yourself a cup.

Err… double-click ftl. :frowning:

I work at a coffee shop with loose leaf teas (and a very similar strainer which works ah.mazing) and we use 4-6 grams of tea leaves per 16 oz of water. There are about 28 grams to an ounce. So 2 ounces of tea leaves would allow you to brew about 10-12 cups of tea (very rough math), depending on how strong you like it.

It seems like a pretty good deal, I’m in for one!

Most flowering teas (or tea balls as they’re called here) usually come individually wrapped in bags. Loose leaf teas generally come in metal tins like the ones pictured.

I have to admit, I’m peeved at woot right now, since I just bought a similar teapot from Amazon which didn’t include any of the teas (or the scoop, I guess). Why didn’t you offer this 2 days ago, woot? Whyyyyy?

A plastic teapot? Is it BPA-free? mmm, toxic tea…

An alternative would be to get this

and some tea. I have that and the quality is great, not sure about the quality of this woot one; could be great too.

There’s a $10 off $30 with SAVE10 promo code so could get some tea too (not as much though) for some price.

If the quality is good for the tea and teamaker then woot is probably better deal, since cheaper with s&h and more tea; but if it does leak like another person said I’d be scared.

agreed on the “fruit tea”

2oz is 56.82g, give or take a few molecules.

I bought a 60g foil bag of jasmine tea “balls” in Shanghai last year, and it took ages to get through it. But then I like to use the tea a few times… quality tea can be rebrewed. just don’t overboil the water or let the tea stew.

The only tea that would be worth it is the loose leaf green tea, I’ve been drinking loose leaf green tea every day for 2 years now, and NOTHING makes me feel better…NOTHING.

As for 2oz comments, 1.23oz of loose leaf will last me one month at 2 liters a day, and don’t fall for that “only steep for 2 minutes” bullshit, the scumbags that came up with that recommend you put in “more tea leaves for stronger brew”, rather than steeping for a longer duration, they just want you to run out of leaves faster.

FACTS ARE: the longer you steep, the more health benefits you reap, but when the tea gets cold, some of the antioxidants are lost, so drinking iced tea is not a good idea, unless you’re an american that likes to drink excessively processed tea with pesticides and no health benefits; like lipton, in which case, loose leaf is not for you.

And to clear more things up, loose leaf typically comes in a metallic sealed bag within the tin cans.

I do a 3-4 cup pot of tea every day [from my Mrs. Tea drip tea-maker, long discontinued…]. That tends to be about 1-1/4 heaping teaspoons of loose-leaf tea.

Loose-leaf tea behaves differently from teabag tea. Teabags are useful for 1-2 cups.