Perfect Cup Tea Pot Tea Set

Perfect Cup Tea Pot Tea Set
$17.99 + $5 shipping
1 Perfect Cup Tea Pot - 16 oz.
4 Flower balls in individual foil bags
1 Loose Leaf Fruit tea in foil bag - 2 oz.
1 Loose Leaf Green Tea in foil bag - 2 oz.
1 Loose Leaf Earl Grey - 2 oz.
1 Wooden Tea scoop

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there’s tea over on green woot now too!

Looks like a crappy plastic teapot. Feh.

Diggin’ the David “Horatio” Caruso reference. Well played, Woot!

When are they going to start a

cup half full?

I’m a pessimist and prefer to think of it as half empty.

Skip that. I’m REALLY a pessimist…

What cup?

You all need to buy these to move this woot along, but a small warning, many people have complained of a leaky valve at the bottom of the tea pot.

I don’t think it would be a good idea for it to be glass if you have to set it atop your cup.

really Woot, I’m not freaking British, enough with the tea. What’s next, a tea set on Kids.woot???

Come on woot…today is the day I finally buy a bottle of wine from you…

I have one of these. They are great for bagged or loose tea! Perfect for about 2 cups of perfect tea. It doesn’t leak, or spill and although it is lightweight, I have yet to break it…lol

I’m actually kind of disappointed. Mine’s leaking. :frowning: