Perfect Path HDMI 500 Series High Speed 4-Foot HDMI Cable - 2 Pack


Bag of Carp! Bag of Carp! Come on now!

Yay…HDMI cables. These aren’t everywhere.

Fire up the F5 men, the boc is next

Bag of Carp! Bag of Carp! Come on now!

For those of you who just purchased that last woot…

Where are all the lolcats?

To bad I already have enough HDMI cables, that’s a good deal.

Ohhhhhhh, WIRE!

goes nicely with the TV i just didn’t buy


Two Words… Mono Price…

4-foot is just perfectly the wrong length. Pass.

Why pay huge $$ for HDMI cables?
I have some from the a previous woot-off, but they are 6ft. They’re awesome

you can never have enough HDMI cables

into every woot-off a little rain must fall…

The cable doesn’t determine the speed of a digital signal. It either is connected or not, it’s not faster if it’s a phatter bit that goes through the cable.

I was too slow on this one, but 4 foot is surprisingly rare for an hdmi cable length as far as cheap cables go. They are usually either 3 ft or 6ft.