Perfect Path HDMI 500 Series High Speed 8' HDMI Cable

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Perfect Path HDMI 500 Series High Speed 8’ HDMI Cable
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Livin’ in HDMI city.

Livin’ in HDMI city.

more cables…

Deals.Woot FTW!!!

Given the number of products, any guesses if this is a one-day woot-off (especially since the Bag has already made its appearance)?

must be alot of leftovers from xmas

Supports 3D

It’s obvious that their terrified of what my discovery is going to do to their business. The fear in their voices is palpable as they all toe the party line: my science is “badly mistaken” and my prototype is “defective”.

The first “there” is misused. The word you want here is they’re. The Word “toe” is misused, the word you want here is tow. Just so you know.