Perfect Pullup Woot Info Post! Oh, no! My face!

Perfect Pullup [New] - $14.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Perfect Pullup PL7101U by Perfect Fitness, 2 * Deluxe Ab Straps

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These things are terrible. A good way to rip away your door frame…

Again, I would be in for 1 if woot lowered the price even a little bit from the past offerings. Too caught up on profit wooty? You used to be good :frowning:

Chuck Norris approves

Wrong customer base for this item

Not a good deal.

Actually thats just for the straps haha


The perfect item to use during a Wootoff when a Woot killer pops up.

I picked this up a few wootoffs ago, and it’s great. Although the ab straps don’t have the nifty red stitching accents like in the picture.

See what pull-ups do

They’re unsafe.

Ok, Wal-Mart break, this is going to be a long one!

I think Amazon’s selling the Ab-straps only for that price…

how is woot gonna be more expensive than Amazon?

whats a woot off without the perfect pullup!

Do you even have one? Cause that is completely false.

You need to screw into the wood underneath the molding for it to hold. The screw in the picture look long enough to do this. If not you’d have to buy your own.

You may thank me for wooting once on this. Go on, thank me.

See honey - I bought a PERFECT pullup. Now I don’t have to exercise!

This one screws into the frame.