Perfect Pullup

here’s the product website

and some reviews at amazon

One 4 star review can be found over at Alatest.

And a video on it..

Let’s be honest…few of us wooters can even do a pull up.

heres the complete system

I thought this was going to be the perfect potty training tool… and then the picture loaded. Oh well.

Is this going to absolutely destroy a door frame? Or be easy to hide after uninstalling?

In, always wanted one, and this one is cheaper than walmart… damnit woot you win again.

Pullups are the best exercise to strengthen your back,deltoids, triceps, and even biceps.

This is an installation video:

I think Woot’s trying to tell us something.

tryin to say i’m fat?? everyone is sayin…“Tim Go to the Gym dude”… Now woot…

I almost bought one, but the workout routine I did (P90X) uses wide-arm pullups, which you can’t do on this. I ended up just building a pullup bar in my garage with 15 bucks worth of pipes from Home Depot.

Does it work with p90x?

Can it hold someone hanging upside down?

in for 1…cheaper than everywhere.

P90X is the shiz man.

I get my exercise shooting Woot Monkeys across the room.

atleast this way you can stay in shape during the wootoffs