Perfect Pullup

This is great!

Let’s all get ripped!



Second time in the same day? :open_mouth:

Really? Again?

A message of love?

Cool - I love The Pretenders!

and again…

make this one go away for me too. buy 3 and move on.

not bad deal - got one a while back - not buff yet but working on it.

again!? no one wants this garbage, it breaks!.. work out at a real gym with free weights if you really want whats best for you

Does it work with Sansa?

The Woot, she is broken again…

must have found some more…

Let me guess… 5MP GFM camera next!!!

my woot still shows knives xD Woot Info Post wacky ostrishes on trampolines

Perfect Pullup [New] - $14.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Perfect Pullup PL7101U by Perfect Fitness, 2 * Deluxe Ab Straps

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deja woot!