Congrats, Travis!

You missed a spot.

Excellent detail + very glad it’s not a self portrait of the artist #that’dbecreepy

This shirt is depressing… I guess it’s ment to reflect the wearers expectation of getting hired.

i like people’s attempts to get quality posts.

by the way, im the first to woot! this shirt!

He even managed to die in a position where his corpse would stay sitting and not fall over…truly an inspiration to perfectionists everywhere.

Yay! Congrats! In for 1!

Well, color me pleasantly shocked at this result.

Only partially, though. Like, half of me.

Say what you will about the guy, that “PERFE” is pretty amazing.

I predict that this will get you a quality post.

At least he died doing what he loved.

I wonder if he would’ve gotten farther with five-fingered hands…

A true perfectionist would have painted it gold instead of silver! Silver is second best!

reverse psychology is magical, ain’t it?

[Mod: Not so much, really]

I disagree. I don’t like his quitter attitude. Letting a little thing like death stop him… It’s disgraceful.

HA! Totally me. And totally in for one.

Clearly if he was a real perfectionist he’d actually properly center his chair.

Really dig this design. Wish I could say I would have done better, but I couldn’t. Not in a million years.

I’m in for one.

Yea, but his posture is just awful!