Perform Pain Relief Singles, 30-Pack

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Perform Pain Relief Singles, 30-Pack
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Feb 11 to Thursday, Feb 12) + transit
Condition: New


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do they adhere to the body?

edit – nvm it’s liquid

4 Stars over at Amazon

Four reviews isn’t exactly a useful sample

Also, please note that it’s cheaper there, $14.33 with free shipping.

Picture shows expiration of 2015-02.

Would be nice to have a size too.
How long does cold last.
Shelf life.
Treats what size area.
Not recommended for.


I have an appt. with my physician later today & have printed out some info on this product from the manufacturer’s website. I’ve had adult rheumatoid arthritis since age 15–been under regular care & treated with a variety of systemic and topical meds since then. Also had surgery for a lumbar fracture a couple years ago, so I rely on a heating pad & various forms of heat therapy (have found some nice deals here on Woot in that area too).

I haven’t seen the ‘Perform’ line products before. However, anything touting ‘fast acting & long-lasting relief’ does get my attention and is worth looking into–esp. when my RA is in full flare at this time. I am always amenable to trying OTC products versus/in conjunction with prescription meds, but I usually check with my pharmacist or physician. I check all ingredients (even things like menthol, such as in this product, just to be on the safe side for potential interactions with my meds), in cases where a topical may be absorbed thru the skin. The info on this product states “the active ingredients in topical analgesics such as Perform Pain Reliever do not enter the bloodstream and therefore do not have any systemic effects…”

Their website does have a lot of useful info, and as I have been using ice therapy this past week, the price seems good to give this a try:) Will see what my doctor has to say. Take care, all.

That’s for 10, Woot’s deal is for thirty

What is the expiration date for these?

So it’s just Biofreeze on the go. These would be great to keep in my purse or sons sport bags. Little link to how cold therapy works.

I see this is not a good price so I can’t speak on that. This stuff plain out works. Almost instant relief and most of the time it only takes 1 application. It is an awesome product.

Amazon sells 10 for $14.33, this is a better deal. For on-the-go packaging and such, I’d say this was a fairly decent deal. I just tore a tendon jogging and it feels like it is on fire often, even after doctor’s care, a cast, and PT. I think for $20, these may be worth a shot. But do they really expire this month?

Seriously Woot…the list price? Come on man!

Also would like to know the expire date. I hurt but not enough to use 36 of them in two weeks.

Biofreeze is an excellent product. Always have to tubes at home.

If they are expiring, wondering if it would really compromise the quality?

I believe the price on Amazon ($14.33) is for just 10. The Woot is for 30.

Indeed- ours is for three times as much.

I’m checking up on expiration, I’ll post when I hear back.

That’s for 10, this deal is for 30