Perfpower 48-AA Batteries (Two 24 Packs)

**Item: **Perfpower 48-AA Batteries (Two 24 Packs)
Price: $9.99
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Compare to Adorama at $24.99
Some Reviews on the batteries (different quantity)
More info on the brand at their Product Page

WTF do AA batteries have to do w tools/garden?

They are “Go Green Batteries” - they save the earth and stuff, and you can’t garden without the earth. Also, batteries power small tools. Yeah, that’s it.

Nice find. However, the test and whitepaper is from the manufacture of the battery…

But, it looks pretty honest, ranking somewhere in the middle, comparable to Energizer.

Great price for alkaline batteries. Great philosophy too. My biggest concern is leakage. Cheaper batteries generally have weaker packaging and seals. That means less resistance to temperature changes and moisture (internal condensation is a problem. That’s why the myth about freezing batteries is actually harmful). It may also mean that the 5 year shelf life is actually much shorter. I bought a 48 pack of Kodak batteries that leaked in their sealed packaging months before the expiration date. With that in mind, 48 batteries may be too many unless you use them fast. Still, it’s a great price and a great mission.

The 2800 mAh capacity is surprisingly high, especially for a non-name brand battery. On the one hand, I’m impressed that it’s a real AA battery. Too many companies simply weasel a AAA battery inside an AA housing. It’ll fit AA devices but the capacity is that of a smaller AAA battery, aka it won’t last long. This is why AA batteries often cost the same as AAA batteries, despite the fact that AAs should have more chemicals.

That said, I wonder if the 2800 mAh is accurate and honest since AA alkalines generally range from 1800-2600 mAh.

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What do Costco’s mega packs of batteries go for these days? I’m thinking this is a tremendous deal.

The wikipedia article says “Capacity under 500mA constant drain” for the table with the 1800-2600mAh measurement. For most cells, the total capacity will be higher if measured at a lower current. 2800 mAh is plausible.

Do they only take their own batteries or would they have gleefully received the hundred or so I just dumped in the ocean?

These batteries do not contain any LEAD, Cadmium or LEAD. As the manufacturer we have never experoenced a leakage on our batteries. They are a quality battery that is extremely environmentally friendly especially with the FREE recycling.

Are these acceptable to use in smoke detectors? I bought some other cheap batteries from woot and the First Alert smoke detectors would start giving false alarms or beeping for new batteries within a month. Granted I hate my First Alert smoke detectors but this was worse then normal even for them.

Don’t remember, but Rayovac AA 48 packs go for about $15 and change at my local Home Depot.

The Perf Power GoGreen 9V Batteris will work with any smoke alarm. If the smoke alarm goes off for no reason please make sure that the smoke alarm did not outlive its usefulness! Perf Power GoGreen Batteries are first Quality!

Their short shelf life makes them not so useful in devices like this. Use the Energizer non-reahcrgeable lithium batteries.

This (5 years) is short shelf life for an alkaline battery.

Hi from the Manufacturer! Our batteries are evaluated by a third party entity call Intertek, so their results are unbiased. We know they will perform, and you’re helping us save the planet, “One battery at a time!” Thanks for your support!

Hi from the manufacturer! Our batteries are ideal for all high drain devices and perform like the more expensive name brands. Shelf life is a passive state (not being used) and Go Green is consistent there too. Perfect for in-home detectors, remember to change your detector batteries once a year, regardless of brand. Thanks for your comments!

I need Triple A’s!

Did they make sure they covered the mundane details?