Periodic Central Coast Pinot Noir (6)

Periodic Central Coast Pinot Noir 6-Pack
$69.99 $150.00 53% off List Price
2012 Periodic Pinot Noir, Central Coast
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Yeah, but will it run on my…hangs head in shame

I like the idea of a little grenache in my pinot but how about 20% instead of only 2%.

Label shows 2011, description says 2012?

They are 2012. We’ll fix the image.

Thanks. Beautiful color to this wine and it’s Don & Sons which means it’s at least decent and probably much better than that. It also means that it doesn’t ship to Ohio so I don’t have to waffle over hitting the ridiculously large button.

Very proud to feature this pinot noir of ours. I am confident you will enjoy it. It is elegant and very pinot-noir-varietally-correct. Mouthfilling bing cherry (way more cherry than strawberry) and a bit of tartness. Easy and smooth finish. Monterey pinot noir, everybody!

How’s the price point for this? The reviews i’ve seen say it’s decent/good but how’s it compare to the price?

Well I will chime in but I am biased. Value is subjective and relative, but my knowledge of the category and quick search on the web tells me that there are not a ton of quality Monterey pinots for around $10. And this one delivers a ton of flavor and aromatics…

Don and Sons consistently over delivers at SRP. it’s what Donny and his family history for that matter, have been known for. And with the woot discount, This is serious QPR.

Way to go WD.
Really killed the main thread drop-dead.

No rodents for this one it seems.