Periodic Table of America

This is beautiful!

Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Nevada is in the wrong location?

What do the colors mean? If they’re supposed to be “regions” (West, Mid-West, South, Northeast), then I don’t feel like WV should be part of the south.

The Kentucky Alabama border is really beautiful and if you have never been there you should really try to go some day

Nevada is a tough one to place properly and still maintain the “tabular” format. It’s supposed to be side-by-side with Utah, but then it would have been in a column by itself. And it doesn’t belong in the far left column because it doesn’t have a coastline. So they had to put Nevada and Utah on top of each other, and I guess they just chose Nevada on top.

The Canadian Periodic table shirt was better.

It’s not entirely wrong. Yeah, it’s not right, but there aren’t a lot of placement options on this shirt design.

Delaware and D.C. desperately need to switch places.

True, but Nevada and Utah have the same northern border alignment but Nevada extends below Utah. I guess it doesn’t matter, but I’m from there and it just looks wrong to me. Meh, the things that bug me…

You’re annoyed by Nevada, I’m annoyed by Michigan… It should have been above Ohio