Periodic Table of the States

Is anyone else annoyed at the apparently random placement?

They are placed in the order they became states.

it’s not random, it’s based on the order of when they were founded.

nonetheless i’m still annoyed.

Congratulations on the print! Love that it’s on navy and the detail of the dates.

Clever! That weird order made me look twice! And then I was all like - oh, it;'s the order of joining! So my brain went all cognitive dissonance and stuff.

Took me ages to find IL. Weird font.

They wouldn’t have fit together in their geographical placements. Might still want to have included AK and HI separately, as the Lanthanide and Actinide series are. :slight_smile:

This brings to mind the good old “50 Nifty United States”. Now I can’t get it out of my head.

BTW, awesome design. This surely can’t be worn in K-12 American History classes.

Thank you everyone!

In case you didn’t read the Derby thread, I originally tried to make this fit geographically, but there were way too many states in the east and too few in the west to work that way.

As a bit of a history nut, though, I loved the idea of putting them in order of discovery, which is why included the date of entry into the union as part of their vital information.

Thank you again!

I like how you added all the dates as well. :wink:

FAIL! This could have been one hell of a cool shirt but whoever missed the boat on placement needs to be slapped! Could have been stellar! REDO!

Oh and I get the order that they are in, clever but… Ok, I’ll shut up.

Connect the dots/elements, anyone?

Well, California is on the real periodic table. Californium but it’s Cf not Ca. This design is quite amusing. I like the use of dates in place of atomic weight.

This shirt is awesome and makes no sense at the same time.

The states are in order of being added to the country, yes!

but the way they are organized lends people to think they are superimposed over their location in the country, which is untrue.

You need some better grouping and periodicity for the arrangement, but still a fun idea!

this would’ve worked better as just a periodic table spoof then, using the map as a format tool actually ruins it, sadly

Some Wooters are just never satisfied. Very clever work, Mr Smithee.

Still… Alaska and Hawaii as actinides and lanthanides would have put this over the top.

Not really. The fact that one has to do a double-take and think to ‘get’ the shirt is what makes it great. It’s totally not what you’d expect.

I may have to pick this one up…

You’d have to be completely uneducated to think that.