PermaFLOW Never-Clog Drain, 2 Pack

**Item: **PermaFLOW Never-Clog Drain, 2 Pack
Price: $19.99
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I wonder if the upper chamber bypass will allow sewer gases to escape through the top of the drain.

That whole thing should remain full of water so I wouldn’t think any sewer gas would escape through.


The design of this trap looks like it would trap water in approximately the same way that a regular trap would. Looking at it, I can’t imagine how gas could flow through, while this trap is full of water.

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Looks like a solution to non existant problem. I would be concerned this thing will start leaking from the valve/cleaner shaft causing more problems than it solves.

That’s when the the leakfrogs come into play.

You do have some … right?

I think this is a great idea and I will certainly order some. Based on what I see, I have a suggestion for anyone who buys these traps…

Since you get 4 sets of gaskets with the traps and since you can’t buy these gaskets in your local hardware store, you better place them someplace where you can’t miss them in the event that you need them. Attaching them directly to the trap when you install it is the solution. You can use a rubber band or a crimp wire to attach. Don’t put them in a drawer someplace because if you’re anything like me, you’ll forget where you put them before next week.

I foresee leaks in the future of whomever purchases these drains…

I was actually thinking something similar. The last few times I’ve had seriously clogged sinks, the clog was a lot deeper in the pips than I the trap right under the sink. I watched a plumber push a good six feet or more of snake into the drain before it finally hit the clog and knocked it out.

So, does this thing somehow manage to help with that issue?

I’m wondering if the 4 sets has to do with the sizing rather than extras, as the standard P-traps I’ve used before has rings for both 1-1/2" to 1-1/2" and 1-1/4" to 1-1/2".

Your advice in keeping them handy still applies!

If the clog is 6+ ft. in, the clog might not have originated from the sink in context.

So this frees a clog so it can lodge itself deeper in your drain pipes increasing the chance you’ll need to use a messy snake or better yet, hire a costly plumber. Great!

Bought 4 packs because this product looks very innovative and best of all, Made in the USA. I do whatever I can to support stuff made in the USA. The price is good considering that fact!

I think the purpose is to turn it back so you can fish it out as it is clear you can easily remove it with a hook.

I paid $10 or $11 at my local Home Depot for one a couple of days ago. Seems to work pretty well, easy installation. Seemed like a really good idea. I get a 10% veteran discount so it worked out cheaper for me at the store. I’m about to get another for my other bathroom.

These look awesome and I thought about getting some until I read a few reviews saying they worked at first and then failed… thousands of dollars worth of damage in homes. Check Amazon reviews.

100,000 revolutions is not much. This will leak in a very short time.

If your sink is clogging so much that you require 100,000 revolutions of this device, you have far more issues than anything under your sink can solve.