Permatex 09975 Counterman's Choice Anti…

Is it a 4g or 8oz bottle?

sounds like someone is trying to scam ,
picture the 8oz jar and sell the single use foil pack . > >

sure does…

I could’ve used some of this stuff with one of my former German Shepherds. He used to end up stuck in his female friends, and looked absolutely pitiful as my mother would stand there yelling over his yipping and uselessly dowsing him with our garden hoses! :joy::joy:

Where is Thunderthighs ??? Can you clear this up??? What size are we selling here???

For that product code, coming up with the pouch. Why spend $4 on a puch when you can buy 8oz (roughly 56 pouches) for $9.83 on Amazon. This smells like a ripoff. Come on Woot!

Hey y’all, sorry about this! This is for the 8 oz bottle and we have corrected the title. Our bad!