Perpetual Emotion



*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after April 27th


Grats again sokowa!! Good job on the faces!


sokowa! Congratulations! I love this t-shirt! Well done!


BOOOOOOOOOOOO. We want gravity!! We wnt gravity!!!


Nice, this is the shirt I wanted :smiley:


Kinda wished my boyfriend’s had won, but congrats still; it was a fantastic idea. =)


Interesting, it goes back and forth with Cho’s other design and then… beats the one that was consistently in the fog?


Anyways, was looking forward to Newton, and won’t be buying this.


damn…i was really hoping for Newton! Was totally going to get that…but given that there was two of this in the same dang derby, can’t say i’m happy it won. Newton got robbed.


If only the bar they all hang from was apportioned properly, I might actually have picked this one up. It just looks too ‘off’ with the bar extending too far to the right.


Funny shirt. I’m not a big fan of the blue color but I’m still in for one…


Congrats sokowa!!! The nailbiting has come to an end. Great design!


The proportion threw me off as well, but I still really like this shirt.

I was really hoping for a tie though. Maybe even a three-way tie. XP


Urggg WHYYYYY Baby Blue!!! … i wish woot would allow alternative colors for designs…


Thanks. Was hoping for a tie actually :wink:


congratz [besides the baby blue]






ah man 2nd time in a row where i stayed up hoping for the shirt that took fourth place


That would have been my preference too. :J


I was really hoping this would win. I love the looks on the faces and feel most people will be looking at them and not the color of the shirt or other minor issues people are pointing out. My children and I had fun choosing which face would be us.

Congratulations to the designer!