One way or another.

I remember something about a flying penguin so long ago in shirt.woot…but good to see Wence shirts up there.

Flying penguins are always funny.

Reminds me of this - [youtube=sdUUx5FdySs][/youtube]

I know it is the same cotton. But does the American and standard t shirt feel the same

Not quite. Though they’re both combed and ring spun, I find the American Apparel shirts to remain softer and smoother over time, and if you use a dryer, hold up much better. There are also differences in the cut.

(I personally find the extra $3 for AA to be money well spent.)

The parachute and the plane begin with the letter P, so I can see how this entry qualifies for this derby…

This is a persistent paratrooping penguin plunging through plumes of pillow shaped clouds.

They look more like Popcorn clouds to me… :slight_smile: