Personal medical alarms...anyone use one for the old folks?

My mom lives alone and it has become time to get one.
I was wondering if anyone ever used one with the grandparents or parents?

My wife’s mother had one of those while living in an assisted-living apartment. She resisted at first, saying that those things are for old people. She was 89 at the time!

When she fell in the bathroom (bathtub with rails and a seat) two years ago, the personal medical alarm was in the living room. Luckily, the bathroom in the complex was equipped with an alarm, and help was able to get to her quickly.

Your mother will probably resist at first. If she speaks to others about the alarms, she’ll come to realize just how valuable they can be.

i was just wondering how many wooters’ parents had them … and how many wooters themselves need them but don’t think of themselves as old.

my friend’s mom lived alone till she was in her mid 90’s and they got her the lifeline one. she wound up falling and it saved her! they told her flat out either she wore it or she went to a home!

I’m 27. Am I old enough to need one?

yes. five cents, please.


The problem I see, other than making her wear it, is that there is one box. How can any house have one box?
The button works from hundreds of feet away and then they answer on the one box. If they don’t get a reply they call 911. How do these old people hear the box, unless they are in the room with it?
I don’t see any mention of additional boxes. You would think by now they could have a cell phone type thing that would connect the button to the box and the button could speak.

I say if C. Everett Koop will put his name on one, they’ve GOT to be good!

if the old people can’t make it to the box, then probly something is wrong.

he should put his name on some of gm’s cars. they could use the help.

Make sure you read the comments.

Ah, but if they can’t hear you, they call 911 and 911 sends a BILL! This is the Great Depression generation, once they get that bill, they will NEVER call 911 again!
If Mom can’t hear the voice and answer it isn’t worth much. Not everything needs an ambulance , some stuff just needs a neighbor.

I’ve learned that there is no such thing as an old person on woot.

true story!