Pet Bath and Spa Products

Anyone used the nail grinder? I am really bad at clipping my dog’s nails, so I tend to take him to the pet store to get them done. Is grinding easier than clipping for a beginner at home?

LOVE they flea fogger.

I would really like it if I could spell.

I’ve been looking for the Tomlyn concentrated Oatmeal shampoo, it has been for sale before. Any chance that it could be offered for sale again too?

Grinding is much easier and safer. I use a Dremmel though because they are a lot better than the ones labeled for pet grinding. It took my dog a while to get used to it so we increased the time after a few weeks. You can’t do one nail for a long period of time though because they get heated. Hope that helps.

Agree, those things are for tiny tea cup animals. You are going to be disappointed. As soon as you touch the grinder to the nail it stops. So unless you and your pet have all day, a Dremel works best. Get a corded one not a rechargeable one.