Pet Calorie and Activity Tracker (Your Choice)

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Pet Calorie and Activity Tracker (Your Choice)
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Do you think this product would work for a human?

Yes, especially if you eat one of the more popular dog foods.

I had a pet Calorie once. I once gave him a little exercise and he went away :frowning:

Woof woof smart ass.

Really? If you think your pet needs more exercise, play with it! If the vet says it’s overweight, stop free-feeding, change its diet to one with fewer carbohydrates and play with it. Take it for walks (unless we’re talking a cat here; not all of them can be leash trained). These fitness tracker things are just irritating.

I expect not, even overlooking the short battery life. Surely the fitbit and their ilk last longer than 180 days. For one thing, our pulse rates and core body temperature are different, and that probably plays into the tracking somehow.

It’s advertised for pets, but the photos only show dogs. What about cats? rabbits? snakes? armadillos?

Nope, fitbit and related generally need to be charged every few days.

I’m not sure how a hanging tag could measure pulse or body temp. The calories burned might be off, but I bet it would tell you how much activity you were doing…

Sooooo, you are going to have to spend ~$5 on a battery every 6 months? If this was rechargeable, I would be in!

And here I was hoping it would monitor how much dog food the cat was stealing to supplement his strict diet. I need something to monitor how much he’s eating that wasn’t meant for him.

This way under-reported calories in the pet. I ended up gaining bunch of unexpected weight after the meal.

If you can safely keep it around them, I’d say go for it. Send us a pic of it on a snake though. Super curious.

You have a pet Armadillo?

Good points, Thank you.

Thank you

What’s there to track? Most of their activity is at night.

(It’s a discontinued TeeTurtle shirt.)

2032 batteries are $2 for an 8-pack at Ikea.

I wonder if this would be good for my diabetic dog - especially when we’re doing glucose curve on him?

I mean we can track activity data all day every day, and then compare it to the day we do the curve, to estimate how well he may be metabolizing the insulin on non testing days…?

maybe i’m thinking too much though…