Pet Calorie and Activity Tracker (Your Choice)

Wow… This is what the world has become?

This makes me want to giggle. I can understand the personal activity tracker, but pets?

Just thinking… I don’t have a pet. Could I wear this instead and get measurements and track my daily activities? At $14.99, it’s definitely cheaper than a fitbit!

Very good point!

While you’re at it, make it a clean sweep… Get some of the piddle pads too - they’re definitely cheaper than bath towels. :wink:

We got one of these in our BOC and I thought the same thing, “Why the heck does a dog need a fitbit?”, but it’s fun actually! Kind of cool to see his daily doggie activities and watch him meet his goals and the app has cute little animations when you do. I mean it’s less then a movie for two people!!!