Pet Car Seat Belt

Oh my gosh, NEVER use this with a collar! Only with a high-impact rated harness. Attaching this thing to your dog’s collar is a surefire way to snap its neck in the event of an accident.

That was my first thought, too. Used as pictured, it’s a potential hangman’s noose, NOT a safety belt.
woot!, you should be ashamed of yourselves for promoting this without including warnings/information for proper, safe use.

Hey, Woot? Can someone put a rather large warning on this that it shouldn’t ever be used with a standard collar before someone’s pet dies?

am I missing something here?

“Clips into seat-belt receptacle and attaches to pets’ harness”

They don’t seem to be suggesting to put on your dog’s leash.

There was a photo showing it connected it a dog’s leash. We removed that photo since that was a dangerous use.

Thank you!